Daily tips for improving your mental health

April is here! The month of Spring, the smell of rain, blooming flowers, AND MENTAL HEALTH!! That’s right! April is Mental Health Awareness Month! And since winter can be pretty hard on our mental health, here are a few ways to make sure your mind, body, and soul are all on the same page!

  1. Daily Positive Self Affirmation: One way to help your mental health is by showing yourself a little self-love! Self Affirmation is recognizing the value in yourself. While telling yourself how awesome you are may seem a bit strange, it actually plays a huge role in how you see yourself, and in turn, how others see you. When you look at yourself in a more positive light, you will present yourself that way to others. Plus, a little optimism never hurt anyone! Self-affirmation does take time, practice, and repetition. Here are some ways you can practice self-affirmation every day!


Write it down on a mirror! Make note of everything you love about yourself, and stick it on your mirror. Being able to see a physical representation of self-love can really make a difference in your day! You’ll be able to wake up in the mornings and see “I love my nose,” look at your nose and say “Hell yeah, that’s a cute nose!

Make a list! Writing down on a list everything you love about yourself is also a great visual. Don’t just write down physical things, include your strengths and your personality traits.

Before going to bed, say a positive affirmation out loud to yourself. You can even look some up if you don’t know where to start: “i am strong because…” “I am in charge of how I live my life…”

  1. Take YOU time: Set aside a time to not worry about anything other than Yourself. This means you take a break from homework, kids, housework. Taking The time to focus on you allows you to unwind from the stresses of your day, Sets aside time for deep thinking and creativity, and even reboots your brain! “You” time can mean any number of things and can be for any amount of time You need, but here are a few examples:

Unwind with a bath! Throw in some bath salts, some flower petals, a bath Bomb! Allow your body and mind to relax a bit after a stressful day! Lavender is known for its relaxing component, so add a bit of that!

Focus on quality over quantity. If you’re short on time, remember It’s still important to take some time for yourself. At night, write in a Journal! This allows you to go through your day, all while focusing On yourself!

Become a morning person! Wake up just a bit earlier to enjoy your cup of Coffee and the sunrise! It’ll help you appreciate the day more!

  1. There’s science behind the importance of laughing and linking it to good Mental health! Endorphins or the “feel good” chemical, is released when you Laugh! This means that laughter temporarily relieves stress and tension! It Also plays a huge role in strengthening social connections! Humor is one sure Way to connect you to others, therefore plays a HUGE factor in combating stress And depression! Laughing also decreases anger and introduces more fun and joy Into our lives!

Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act every day. It plays a huge role in how we see ourselves and how others see us. Here at Sickday, we recognize and embrace the importance of Mental health and encourage all of you to take advantage of this month! Take some time to focus on yourself, give yourself a little self-love, and have a positive day from start to finish!