3 Awesome NYC Fitness Studios

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start getting serious with your workouts. With a fitness-obsessed city like New York, however, getting into many of the well-known but crowded fitness studios may seem like a pain.

If you’re one who just wants to get fit without all the cultishness of the big-name studios, these places may be just what you’re looking for.


A*line Pilates

If you’re craving a boutique studio experience, A*line Pilates is ideal for you. Located in the heart of Carroll Gardens, this beautifully designed brownstone instantly gives off a super welcoming vibe to every client.

They take pride in offering tailored classes, and they don’t disappoint! All of their instructors are warm, friendly and highly qualified. A*line Pilates’ main offering consists of Classical Pilates classes. These guys stay true to the original method of Pilates that was developed over a century ago.

They also have Band and Barre classes, along with pre- and post-natal exercises and guided stretching. Additionally, you’ll get to end every session with a lovely eucalyptus towel, essential oil and tea. A wonderful final touch to a rejuvenating experience!

If you prefer flying solo, private introductory packages are offered, with a 45-minute complimentary assessment, so you know you’re really getting taken care of.

If you’re one for group classes though, these are also a great option, as they’re usually relatively small. Most classes have less than 10 bodies — so if you’re not really into crowds, this is an excellent place!

Visit www.alinepilatesnyc.com to learn more.


Namastuy Healing Collective

If you’re looking for an open yoga space to maximize your inner peace, Namastuy is the place to be! Namastuy’s objective is to be a welcoming, judgment-free space where the community can come together. Newly opened this February, it features yoga, healing and arts – all in one place!

Their classes are held in a 700-square-foot room featuring a shock-absorbing sustainable cork flooring. Their main offerings are classes on Surya Flow, Rest and Restore, Vinyasa Flow and Fundamentals Flow. What’s also awesome about them is that they offer classes that accept donations from $8-18. Mats are available for rent, too, on a donation basis.

In addition to your yoga practice, you can take your healing and relaxation to the next level with treatments like cupping, massage, hot Himalayan salt stones or a full body scrub.

Plus, their walls are adorned with art exhibitions that feature local artists, which add to the place’s unique ambiance.

Whether you’re a beginner to yoga or at a more advanced level, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy your experience at this studio.

Check out www.namastuy.com to learn more and to see their art exhibition schedules/featured artists.


Uplift Studios

This women-only boutique fitness studio isn’t all that new, but is definitely one to try! With a goal of empowering women, each class is sure to pump you up both physically and emotionally!

Uplift offers six signature classes, namely, Endurance, Strength, Power, Sculpt, Uplift Express and Essentials. The first four consist of exercises intended to do just what their names imply, so no explanations needed there. Uplift Express is a one-stop workout that combines elements from the first four classes. Essentials, on the other hand, is a bodyweight circuit class that helps with strength training.

What’s more is that Uplift’s workouts are designed exclusively for the female body, so you can count on feeling (and seeing!) results if you stick to classes regularly. Plus, getting to network with other kick-ass women won’t hurt either!

Their instructors are pretty great as well, with just the right enthusiasm (not the over-the-top type!) and encouragement to keep you going. Classes are mostly small, with each class usu  ally having less than 10-15 students. This is awesome since you’ll be sure to get enough personal attention and guidance to make the most of your workout.

Another great thing is that Uplift offers Happy Hour classes every Friday night! You’ll have to agree that a complimentary glass of wine and almonds after a workout sound like a great reward for all that sweat and hard work!

If you’re needing that “girl power” vibe plus a great workout, Uplift is sure to be just your thing!

Visit them at 24 West 23rd Street or learn more from their site at www.upliftstudios.com.


Whether you’re into Pilates, yoga or workouts to boost strength, endurance or power, these three New York fitness studios can help you meet your fitness goals!