Make the most out of your visit to New York City

Here at Sickday, we are lucky to have clients from everywhere! While we are based out of New York, so many of you are out of state! How amazing is that? With that being said, we want to make your trip to the Big Apple as easy as possible! We know that it can be pretty daunting, with our towering buildings, busy streets, and the amount of people we have! But here are some essentials to bring to help you survive and thrive in our beautiful state!

  1. The first thing you need to do before you come, is do your research on what the weather will be like and bring weather approved clothes! Our weather here can be anywhere between freezing cold and snowy, sunny and breezy, and cloudy with a chance of rain! If it is cold, make sure you bring your coat, hat, and some warm mittens! Sunny and breezy, a nice light jacket or cardigan will be sure to keep you the perfect temperature! And if it’s rainy and cold, be sure to grab your umbrella and raincoat! No matter the weather, make sure you bring a couple layers! The weather can change pretty quickly, so it’s best to be prepared!
  2. Next, PACK YOUR SNEAKS! We cannot express this enough! NY is a hustle and bustle kind of city, so making sure your shoes are comfortable enough to walk in is important!
  3. Of course, you’re going to need your camera! Our state is filled with some of the most beautiful, picturesque sites, and i guarantee you’re going to want to take a picture of them all! Here are a few places to remember to capture!
    • The Statue of Liberty: An American Staple and a must see! It has such an incredible historic background!
    • Central Park: Between the gorgeous paths to walk down, a zoo, the carousel, your camera will NEVER get bored here! You’ll be snapping pictures every few minutes!
    • The Theatre District: From food, cute shops, People in Costume, and the lights, this is what NY is all about!
    • And finally, SoHo: if you wanna really feel like an upstate New Yorker, with fancy restaurants, designer boutiques, and elegant buildings, this is the place for you to take pictures at!!
  4. A bag to put your things in! Weather it be a small fanny pack, purse, or a backpack, the less you hold, the easier it will be for you to enjoy your trip here!
  5. A portable charger is also a must! Your phone will be your savior on this trip! From posting pictures to your maps, your phone will be pretty much drained. And honestly, having a dead phone in the big city is pretty scary. So make sure you bring your portable charger, fully charged and ready to go!
  6. And finally, a paper map of the city! Like I said, a dead phone in the big city is scary. But it happens! And knowing where you’re going is so important! Grab a map of the city and keep it with you at all times! I promise it’ll be a life saver! And when all is said and done, keep it as a keepsake!


New York is filled with so much adventure! You’re bound to make some of the best memories when you come for a visit! And while our Native New Yorkers already know how to handle our concrete jungles, we want our friends from out of state to come prepared!