Quick tips to staying healthy with organic

“Going Organic” is a topic that’s being talked about throughout many households! Eating organic has many benefits, from getting healthier, to even being better for the environment. It’s good to know that what you are putting into your body contains less harmful chemicals.

It’s important to walk through the benefits of eating more organic foods to make sure this is the switch for you!

  1. One really important benefit of going organic is knowing you aren’t putting harmful chemicals into your body! Animals raised on organic farms aren’t given any antibiotics or growth hormones, they are given hormone and GMO-free food to ensure that what you will eventually eat is all chemical free! Organic produce is grown with natural compost, like manure, and weeds and pests are controlled using more natural methods such as traps, crop rotation! This is opposed to a more conventional farm where plants are grown with synthetic and chemical fertilizers! And because organic produce doesn’t contain preservatives, it’s guaranteed to stay fresher longer! Farmers who raise organic (free range) livestock or grow organic foods CARE about you and what goes into your body.
  2. Not only are you helping YOUR BODY but you are also helping the EARTH! Organic farming is better for the environment than conventional farming! It reduces pollution, saves water, uses less energy, and farming without pesticides is better for the local animals!
  3. And finally, it’s just healthier! Organic food has more nutritional value than foods grown in a conventional farm! Crops that are treated with chemicals are bound to have a negative affect on your body, so why eat them?

So, here’s the thing, going organic may not always be the easiest on a budget. But it is possible to eat organic AND save money! Here are a few quick tips on how to stay organic!

  1. Do your research! Know what crops that are generally grown with low pesticides and focus on buying the ones that generally are grown with a high amount of pesticides. The “Clean 15” are produce you don’t NEED to buy organic because they aren’t grown with a high amount of pesticides! Here are a few on that list: apples, avocados, onions, pineapples, eggplants! By saving money on these, you have more money to spend on organic meat, cheese, and eggs! Eating grass fed meat and organic dairy products don’t carry the high risk of heart disease that conventintional meat and dairy would!
  2. Shop local! Farmer’s Markets are one sure and fun way to eat organic! Supporting your local farms keep the running, and you’re even able to pick and choose which bunch of tomatoes looks the best! KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM!
  3. Grow your own produce! Even just growing tomatoes in a small garden is easy enough and most importantly, you know what exactly went into growing them! You can even upcycle some egg cartons for plant starters and reuse your recycled cans and milk jugs for planters! Reducing waste, reusing, and recycling all in one!
  4. And finally, come up with a store gameplan! Avoid large supermarkets where their organic selection is smaller and more expensive! Look into organic stores around you!

Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprouts are just a few known organic stores! So know where you’re going!

Here at Sickday, we care about what you are putting into your body! Sure, eating organic is a big life change, but the benefits are great in the long run! Thankfully, it’s not impossible, or even hard to go organic as long as you’re smart about it!