Seven Tips for Managing Stress in the New Year

With the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to reset, get a fresh start, and start doing the things we wish we did in the last year. Even without resolutions, the New Year can come with its own host of stressors, so knowing some quick and simple ways to combat stress from the start can help to make sure that it doesn’t get the best of you. Try some of the following tips, and watch your stressors melt away!

1. Keep a to-do list. First thing in the morning, write down all the things you would like to accomplish that day, or even in that week. Then, as you go, mark off each item. Getting to mark off each task is satisfying and can help to make sure that you are focused on your daily goals! This also helps to combat that unpleasant feeling that you know you’re forgetting something along the way, but you just can’t figure what it is.

2. Remember to take time for you. This is something that most people struggle with from time to time. It can feel almost guilty but making sure that you have taken the time for yourself helps to keep stressors at bay. You perform your best when you have taken the time to take care of yourself first!  

3. Set certain times of day to respond to emails or return calls. During the workday, it can be tempting to try to tackle everything all at once, especially when emails trickle in and need responses. Set specific times of day to respond to your emails, if they aren’t urgent of course. This can help you to set boundaries with how you manage your time and help others to also value it more. Plus, when you can focus more on your other tasks, you won’t feel as stressed and overwhelmed, leading you to better performance. Who doesn’t want that?

4. Take a walk and a deep breath. Are things getting overwhelming? Take time for yourself by going for a walk, taking a deep breath, and taking a second to re-center. Exercise releases those valuable stress-fighting hormones that help to combat stress while allowing you to have a physical outlet. Bring along a coffee or some tea for an extra treat.

5. Say no when you need to. So many stressful events can be avoided if you simply say no and respect the boundaries you have set for yourself. So many of us feel pressured to always say yes, but when we are feeling stressed, sometimes taking on one more task can pull us down. Respecting our boundaries can help to reduce the stress around us and keep us from doing those things we really aren’t comfortable with or don’t want to spend time doing.

6. Spend more time with friends and loved ones. There is nothing better than getting to talk to a friend or family member and vent out frustrations. Finding support in those around you helps to slow down stress, while also getting to spend time with those who matter the most.

7. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. Nothing makes stress worse than feeling exhausted due to lack of sleep. Set a time each day to wind down, turn off the technology, and relax. Getting the right amount of sleep every day makes a huge difference and will make you feel better all around.


The New Year may come with new stresses and challenges but fear not! With the above tips, you’ll be smooth sailing and hitting all those goals you have set for this year, whether they be professional or personal. With less stress, you’ll be well on the way to a happy and prosperous year.