Splash pads and Sprinkler Season

It’s the water season, folks! It’s time to throw on your swimsuit, load up the kids, and head on over to New York’s best splash pads and sprinkler parks!! You and your kids can run, climb, slip, and slide through our favorite sprinklers around New York! And if you don’t have kids, scroll down to the best rooftop pools in New York to keep you and your friends nice and cool in this summer heat!

Ancient Playground

The Ancient Playground in Central Park is number one on our list for a reason! Sprinkler season starts up when NY hits about 80 degrees and this is one of our favorite spots to celebrate! From pyramids, tunnels, slides, and catwalks, anyone of any age will surely have fun here! Afterward, head on over to the metropolitan museum that’s right next door!!

East 110th Street Playground

Also in Central Park, the East 110th Street playground is another one of our favorites!! Known for its geysers in the ground that reach a whopping 12 ft, it’s all activated by a button you push! The fun part? Not knowing which geyser will explode at what time or how high they’ll shoot into the air!

Heckscher Playground

Another Central Park favorite, Heckscher Playground is the biggest park in Central Park! It offers 2 ways of getting wet: giant climbing structures and a sprinkler system! Throw in the beautiful setting you get in the background, this place is a must visit!

Now, we know a lot of you want a more relaxing environment when it comes to beating the heat in New York! Maybe you don’t have kids, maybe you want to get away from the kids, either way here are some relaxing rooftop pools just for you!

The Profundo Day Club

Get your summer tan while having a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline! The Profundo Day Club at the gorgeous Raval Hotel is open to the public for a 50$ day pass and boy is it worth it! Not only do you get a cute “swag bag” full of your poolside essentials, but there’s also a bar, a DJ, and delicious afternoon snacks you can order!

25th floor of Park Hyatt

If you’re wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle WITHOUT really leaving, head on up to the 25th floor of Park Hyatt! This 61ft pool is located right across the street of Carnegie Hall and, with its high ceilings, floor to window ceilings, and it’s calm vibes, you’ll forget you are in New York! This pool is only open to hotel guests, so make your stay here a nice little getaway “staycation!” Trust me, you’ll feel rejuvenated afterward and ready to take on anything!

SoHo House

Cell Phone free sounds like a bit of a problem when it comes to beautiful views, great memories, and your bikini body…but it’s not so bad! Unwind and turn those cellphones off (since they aren’t allowed) at the SoHo house! This is the “hottest” rooftop pool you could go to, with celebrity sightings, a beautiful view, and a 32 ft heated pool! This poolside is arguably one of the most exclusive settings in New York. Getting in could be hard but not impossible if you get an invite from a member.

Jimmy at the James

Finally, swim in a swanky SoHo terrace at Jimmy at the James! This pool, although small, is definitely worth a visit! You may not be able to swim laps, but who needs laps when you can sip on your frozen martini from the huge selection at their bar! On top of that, you get a beautiful view of the Hudson River, downtown, and midtown, all while listening to the DJ play!

So, whether you’re heading out with kids, your friends, or just by yourself, there’s always a way to stay cool in our beautiful city!