Support Your Local Farmer

We’re saying goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring! What better way to welcome spring by supporting your local Farmer’s market? From the freshest produce to meeting new people, Farmer’s Markets are the perfect way to get out of your home and feel the sun on your face!
The awesome thing about New York is there are Farmers markets going on just about every day of the week, so you have several to pick from!



Union Square Greenmarket

On the North and West sides of Union Park, you’ll find the Union Square Greenmarket! This farmer’s market takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays from 8am-6pm! This year round Farmers market holds several music events, food festivals, and supports several farms that sell organic produce in their stands! Here you’ll find Honey, different cheeses, meats, and so so so many delicious fruits and veggies!

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79th Street Greenmarket

On Sunday’s you’ll find the 79th Street Greenmarketopen and packed with awesome freshly baked goods, local produce, and friendly people! While this Market is only open one day a week, it is a beautiful and fun way to spend your Sunday mornings from 9am to 5pm! Before you leave, make sure you check out Las Delicias, and grab a kosher pastry, which also includes gluten free options!

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The Tribeca Green Market

The Tribeca GreenMarketis open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am to 3pm, and worth the trip just for wild-fish and clams you’ll find at Blue Moon Fish! It helps that this market isn’t always super busy, so you won’t have to push and shove to get the best produce!

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Poe Park Greenmarket

And finally, a market that isn’t opened year round is the Poe Park Greenmarket! Open only from June 28-November 22 on tuesdays from 8pm-3pm, you’re sure to find some interesting (but delicious) finds AND have fun while doing so! Sure, you get your fresh produce, food vendors, and bakery items, but you can also get a variety of specialty Mexican Herbs while you’re at it! And before you head out for the day, grab a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your table at home!

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So whether you’re heading to a farmers market to do some grocery shopping, grabbing some breakfast, or just connecting with your community, there is no doubt that supporting your local farmers market is a wonderful way to welcome spring!