Tips to ensure a safe winter season

Winter weather is here and it’s here to stay! Well, at least the next few months. Staying safe in the brisk and sometimes brutal weather is a must. Winter can get a bad rap due to the blowing winds, icy snow, and all the shoveling to do, but some simple, easy and effective safety tips could very well make winter much more enjoyable, and less of a hassle.

Quick preparations can save you in the long run this winter season and help to make it a happier and healthier time for all involved.


Winter Safety Tips – Traveling by Car

There are few things worse than getting stuck in the snow in your car. Either your car breaks down, you slide into a snowbank, or get into some other type of accident that renders your car inoperable in the elements.

  1. A quick and easy way to ensure your peace of mind this winter while driving is to create your own car essentials kit. You can tailor your kit to you and your car’s personal needs while also keeping it affordable. Some kitty litter to help you get traction, some hand warmers, maybe some granola bars to snack on while you are waiting for help to arrive are all great options to make winter a little safer as well as more comfortable while you wait for help to arrive.
  2. A portable battery kept in your purse or a coat pocket can also be a game changer when it comes to contacting emergency help or your family when you are in need. No one wants to be stranded with a dead battery to boot!
  3. As always, slowing down and allowing extra time for arrival can help ensure that you get to your destination safe and sound.

A few inexpensive purchases bundled together and tossed in your trunk or in your pocket can help you out down the road whenever unexpected delays occur.


Winter Safety Tips – Walking Commutes and Foot Travel

If your commute into work has you walking to the office or to the subway, this could be an entirely different story. While car trouble may not be a concern, there is always worry about icy sidewalks, frozen steps, and the falls that tend to come with them. No one wants to go into work covered in snow, or even worse, miss work due to an injury.

  1. Tops of our list is checking the local weather ahead of time to prepare for a chilly commute. It will let you know how warm to dress and the best shoes or boots to wear for the occasion.
  2. It may feel like natural instinct to tuck your hands into your coat pockets while walking in the cold weather but resist it; wear a pair of warm gloves and use your hands and arms in order to balance yourself better while walking on icy sidewalks to help avoid taking a fall. Add in some of those hand warmers we mentioned earlier and you might end up even cozier than with your hands in your pockets. Bundle up, grab something warm to drink, and you’ll be out the door for a safe commute, even if the weather is less than desirable.
  3. Finally, dress in layers for better warmth and insulation. When it comes to your feet, consider adding some additional traction to your shoes or boots. Winter cleats could be a big lifesaver when it comes to slippery and icy sidewalks.

Whether you’re driving to that dinner party or on your daily walking commute into the office, winter safety is a must for everyone. Taking a few moments to prepare ahead of time can make all the difference in the long run and make commutes and outings much more pleasant than the alternative.

Winter safety is a must for everyone, and with a few simple changes, it can be affordable and easy, making winter a lot more pleasant then you might have thought before.

Have a safe and happy winter season!