Why walking is the perfect exercise option for everyone in New York City

Exercising is a key to staying healthy, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re on the lookout for an exercise routine that’s easy to maintain, try walking! Today, we will discuss the health benefits walking has including the physical and mental benefits, how to get the most out of your walking exercise, and lastly, where to walk in our beautiful city!

Why Should you Walk for Exercise?

Walking is an exercise that is often looked past! Most people imagine “working out” as hitting the gym for hours on end or going on long runs! That isn’t true! Walking has many benefits, and the list only gets longer with an increase in distance and time! Walking for 20 minutes every day will increase your cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness! This means that you’re working your heart and lungs at your own pace, making them stronger and healthier! With a healthier heart and healthier lungs comes a decrease in your chances of getting heart or lung disease!

Walking decreases your chance of having:

  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes

Walking is also important for stronger bones and less joint pain! This is because walking helps mobilize your joint fluids, and helps to lubricate your creaky bones! Increasing from 20 minutes to 30 is when you will start to notice a slimmer waist! You burn around 150 calories a day by walking 30 minutes. Of course, the longer you walk for and the pace you go will only increase how many calories you burn! Once you pair walking with eating right, you’ll start to notice a slimmer waist!

How Walking can Improve your Mental Health

By adding a walk to your daily routine, you’ll start to notice a positive change in your mental health! A study done at Stanford University showed that your creative output increased by 60%! The study states that walking “opens up a free flow of ideas!” This means more “ah-ha” moments while you allow your mind to wander.

However, your creative side won’t be the only thing getting a good boost! You will start to see an improvement in your mood. The Department of at Iowa State University did a study that found that 12 minutes of walking rather than sitting, increased your self confidence, vigor, and attentiveness! Walking in nature was found to reduce the same negative emotions that caused depression and anxiety.


The Healthy Way to Walk 

Starting off your walk right will set you down a positive exercise path! Before you decide to just jump in, talk to your doctor about the perfect walking schedule! Discuss how long you should walk for, and how many increments you should add and when you should add them! The awesome thing about walking is that you can go at your own pace! The more vigorous your walk, the healthier you will be, but starting off slow is just fine too!

Learning the proper walking techniques is also important. This means head up, spine straightened, and a heel to toe method! Getting pumped and ready before your walk is also important. A walking playlist and doing some stretches beforehand will help relax your body and mind. Getting proper work out gear will ensure that you’re comfortable and safe during your walk! This includes proper shoes, proper clothing attire, a water bottle that’s easy to access and use while walking, a step counter! A step counter does exactly what you think: count steps. This helps you set some goals for the day and keep track of how many calories you’re burning on your walk.


Walk in the City

Honestly, could there be a better place to start your walking routine than here, in our beautiful state of New York? The answer is no! From beautiful hiking trails, lively parks, our beautiful brisk mornings, and some fun marathons we have coming up like “Walk the Walk”, which is when people Power Walk the 26.2 miles through all 5 boroughs from Staten Island across to Brooklyn, then onto Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. You see it all… from the iconic beauty of the Statue of Liberty to crossing the Finish Line in the famous Central Park! Now is the perfect time to get up and go out.

If the concrete jungle isn’t your walking scene, try out some beautiful nature scenes!

The Cascade mountain is a very popular 5 mile hike! The terrain can get pretty Rocky, so make sure you’re prepared for that. But even better, if the hike doesn’t make you catch your breath, the view will!

Highrock park is an easier, flatter hike! This one, located in Staten Island, is known for its wetlands, ponds, and it’s beautiful hiking trails that end in a beautiful panoramic view! However, if you’re more comfortable with the hustle and bustle, what better place to go for a walk than our one and only, Central Park!

Walking may sound like an everyday thing, and most people look past it when thinking about exercising! But the truth is, walking is a killer way to stay fit and be healthy! And as a bonus, it’s easier than hitting the gym! Your health is important to us, that’s why we are here to make staying healthy fun and easy for you! So get out, count your steps, and go for a beautiful walk today!