10 essentials to have when you are sick

When it comes to not getting sick, it’s always a good idea to stay prepared before disaster has the opportunity to strike. It’s pretty likely that you or someone in your household catches some sort of bug this winter and spring season. No one wants to run to the store when they aren’t feeling well. Be prepared and keep these 10 essentials on hand to keep yourself and your loved ones feeling comfortable while getting better.

  1. Medications & Remedies – Keeping a small cabinet or container stocked with cold, flu, and cough medications can come in handy when you aren’t feeling your best. Decongestants are essential must-haves! Having them on hand and ready will save you a trip to the store when you are at your worst.
  2. Tissues – Try for ones infused with vapor rub or lotion! You’ll likely be going through a fair amount and making sure that your nose stays nice and soft will help to keep you from any further woes. As an added bonus, tissues with vapor rub infused can help to clear your sinuses when you are congested.
  3. Humidifier – Help keep your sinuses clear and comfortable for a night of better sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom or wherever you are resting. Plus, after you are better, this can be an awesome tool to keep around whenever the air in your home gets too dry.
  4. Cough Drops – Cough drops can be a godsend when you have a sore throat or a cough! There’s nothing worse than being up at 3:00 am because you can’t stop coughing. Getting pulled back to work before you’re better? Toss these little pops of relief in your bag to survive the day.
  5. Warm Blanket – Since you’ll likely be spending a fair amount of time resting up, a cozy blanket can make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Go for a weighted blanket and it will help with the soreness and stiffness of your sickness.
  6. Reusable Water Bottle – When you are sick, keeping hydrated is a must! Use a reusable bottle and sip water all day, without adding more disposable plastic to landfills.
  7. Ginger Ale and Crackers – Classic food for when you’re sick, but having snacks around that are easy on your stomach are a plus when you aren’t feeling up to par. Some medications must be taken with food, so having crackers around is always a good plan.
  8. Your Favorite TV Subscriptions – Catch up on those shows you’ve been missing with a Netflix or Hulu marathon! When you’re stuck in bed, things can get pretty boring, so catching up or watching a new show can help you keep your sanity in check.
  9. A good book – If watching tv isn’t your thing, getting to relax with a good book is always a good idea. So many of us find that we don’t have the time to read, but when you’re stuck in bed sick, it’s the perfect time to read that novel you’ve been dying to!
  10. Vapor Rub – A favorite of many, vapor rub is a big comfort when you are struck down with colds, the flu, or worse. Keep a tub in your medicine cabinet for some instant comfort when you’re not feeling your best.

While being sick is never much fun, cut down on the unpleasantness by preparing ahead of time and keeping these essentials on hand. You never know when you or a loved one may feel under the weather, and you’ll be happy you prepared when it happens!