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Excellent, fast service. Skilled and sympathetic practitioner and reasonably priced. My wife was very Ill and this service was wonderful. Recommended.
— Paul
I woke up ill and could not make it out of my apartment to get to an urgent care center. I was terrified and I didn’t know what to do. I Googled “Housecalls NYC” and found Sickday. Within an hour, a Sickday practitioner came to my home. She was patient and professional and gave me a complete exam and diagnosed my condition. She also followed up with me every day for a few days to make sure I was getting better. When I was out of the woods, I made an appointment with a well-known specialist who told me that there was nothing more he could do, and that I should just continue doing what Dr. Friedman told me to.
— Leslie
Amazing service and care. So thankful Sickday exists. My daughter had the flu recently and could not get out of bed. It was truly such a relief, and so important, to be able to get a house call.
— Leane
Sickday has provided the best patient-centered care experience I have had in New York City. I felt safe and secure with their expertise, reliability, and follow-up. I am so grateful for this service and the wonderful people behind it.
— Lauren
I couldn’t leave my bed because of a strain in my back. They came in less than an hour and were extremely helpful.
— Brad
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I can't say enough good things about Sickday. They are the most caring individuals from the office to the person they send out to your home. You will not be disappointed.
— Marylou
We had an all around great experience. Booking the appointment was quick and easy, the medical staff was on time and friendly and we received the results quickly. We will definitely use Sickday again.
— Melissa
My mom was in a tremendous amount of back pain but was afraid to visit an ER or urgent care center so I researched Sickday house calls. She called the office and was able to schedule a visit. It was very easy. The medical practitioner was caring, a good listener and called in the necessary prescriptions to help her with her pain. She took my mom’s BP and told her a treatment protocol. I highly recommend this service. The fee is reasonable. Why risk your health when you can have a house call?
— Danielle
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