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Traveling and Staying Healthy: A Tall Task!

Traveling is one of the greatest experiences in life, but it can be ruined if you or a family member gets sick or injured. This is true whether you are traveling for a vacation or whether you are traveling for business. Let’s investigate how to stay safe in both instances since, no matter what your reason, getting sick during a trip is not a lot of fun.  


You have been planning for this vacation for months! You have your itinerary, maps, and a list of places you are excited to see. Amidst all the excitement, you can do a lot to stay healthy while traveling.

First, practicing proper hygiene habits, such as washing hands regularly is wise.

When possible, avoid very small spaces with lots of people, so you don’t come in contact with sick people. 

Eating safe food and drinking clean water is also essential for good health when traveling. Ask locals or a tour guide before trying new foods or drinking from unknown water sources just to be safe.

Travelers should take appropriate medication to prevent or treat common illnesses like colds, flu, stomach problems, or allergies that may occur during a trip. 

If you are traveling somewhere very exotic with a different culture in food and drink, it’s worth consulting your doctor before embarking to understand potential health hazards on the trip. 

No matter where your journeys take you, staying hydrated with plenty of fluids will help protect against heat exhaustion in hot climates too. Remember also take breaks throughout the day as well. If tiredness sets in from one hike too many – allow yourself to rest. Too much stress by trying to “do it all” may make you vulnerable to illness.


If you are traveling on business, you may be more susceptible to getting sick due to the unique situations of the trip. You may be in a conference, venue, or small office with some who may have infectious diseases. Or, maybe there were business gatherings where you ate and drank more than you usually would. All these environmental factors can make you prone to coming down with an illness. Paying attention to your body’s needs can prevent many illnesses from taking you out of the game.  

Another significant and vital factor in maintaining a healthy body is a healthy mind. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are especially prevalent among business travelers due to the stress from the business trip. Be sure to take the time to rest your body and mind to maintain optimal health throughout. 

‘Furthermore, many diseases like flu, stomach conditions, and migraines crop up suddenly, making it difficult to find medical fast when therapies can be most effective. Complicating the situation further, language barriers may prevent business travelers from accessing appropriate medical care when needed.’

Therefore, it is crucial business travelers have a medical game plan in mind before they leave such as how to find urgent care right away. Or, if needed, identify in advance a medical house call service that can come to your hotel to help you get back on your feet. With proper planning, you are ready to handle any hurdles that you may encounter on your business trip.


When traveling internationally to America, it is important to take steps to stay healthy, as many elements like food or allergies can make you ill. Taking preventative measures while traveling abroad can help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

The first step is getting vaccinated before leaving your home country. Make sure to get the necessary vaccinations for both countries, and any other recommended shots depending on where you are going or what activities you will be doing during your travels. It’s also important to plan ahead by researching the area you are visiting and finding out what diseases may be present so that appropriate precautions can be taken.

When traveling to America from any international destination, it is also essential to practice good hygiene habits such as washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60%–95% alcohol. In general, continue practicing your regular hygiene routines with even more discipline and care while traveling. 

If you do get sick while traveling, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and prioritize your health above all else. Make sure to rest as much as possible and keep hydrated. Depending on where you are, seek medical attention at a local hospital or clinic if needed. Many hospitals have English-speaking staff that can help explain what’s happening and how to get you well again.

‘If available in your location, like New York City, you can schedule a medical practitioner to visit your location or hotel.’

If symptoms persist for more than two days, contact an international travel insurance provider who may be able to connect you with a doctor or medical provider who can advise you further. 

Another resource that can be helpful is to sign up with Air Doctor (https://www.air-dr.com/) so if you become sick while traveling, their global media network helps you find a doctor that provides high quality medical care at your location or hotel. This service is unique in that it recognizes it can be difficult to find urgent medical care abroad, especially if there are language barriers. Their specialty is to give travelers an intuitive and accessible platform to find the right doctor for their needs, wherever they might be.  

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to carry any medications your doctor prescribes when traveling in case of emergencies, so make sure they’re packed before leaving home.

Finally, communicate with friends and family members if you do get sick. They may be able to help you seek out the care you need as quickly as possible. 

Bon voyage! 

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