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5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Commonly Used Items

The idea of making changes that will help the environment may leave many of us feeling lost, and with no idea where to even begin. There are a number of changes you can make to your daily life that will start you off in the right direction, without any hassle at all. Here are a few examples of eco friendly alternatives to items commonly used throughout daily life.

1. Reusable Grocery Bags

One of the most harmful materials contributing to climate change is plastic: around 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year. A simple way to quickly reduce the amount of wasted plastic we use is to purchase and use reusable grocery bags. These bags come in a variety of materials, and provide an endless choice of pattern and style. Reusable grocery bags are better for the environment and they do not leave you with any reduced amount of convenience — as long as you always remember your bags when you go shopping.

2. Cotton Dish Towels

Another great way to reduce the waste you produce in your home is to purchase reusable dish towels for the kitchen. These can not only be used to do the dishes, but can also replace paper towels, whether it be around the dinner table, or cleaning up spills around the house. Reusable cotton dish towels can simply be washed when they become dirty, and then reused again and again.

3. Non-Plastic or Bamboo Toothbrushes

An additional easy way to quickly eliminate some of the plastic in your life is to get rid of your plastic toothbrush. There are a number of other options available on the market, some made of rubber, or, alternatively, bamboo toothbrushes have also become very popular. Not only are rubber toothbrushes better for the environment, but they also are much better for your teeth, as the material cleans your teeth more gently and efficiently. Furthermore, these toothbrushes are made to last much longer than plastic toothbrushes, and some even offer the option of replaceable heads, so you can avoid having to replace the entire toothbrush each time it’s time for a new one.

4. Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Soap Bars

Every year there are over 80 million plastic bottles thrown away just from shampoo and conditioner alone, which makes considering an eco friendly packaging alternative crucial. A number of companies provide the option of any toiletry you require in the form of a bar that even comes in recyclable packaging, such as cardboard. Bar products range from not only shampoo and conditioner to body soap, but even deodorant and lotion. These bars will last even longer than the products that come in plastic bottles, and completely dissolve so you can get the absolute most out of them.

5. Glass Food Containers

A fantastic addition to the already mentioned reusable kitchen supplies is glass tupperware or food containers that can efficiently replace even more plastic in your household. If glass isn’t preferred, there are also metal, and even bamboo options available for food storage. Additionally, metal or bamboo drinking straws are a perfect way to incorporate even more eco-friendliness into your daily eating habits.

Just a few small actions can have a large impact on the health of your home and the planet. Here are a few examples of eco friendly alternatives to items commonly used throughout daily life.

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