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7 Hacks To Keep You Healthy & Happy Whilst Traveling!

Traveling, whether for business or leisure, can be challenging to stay healthy. Nothing is more disruptive on a trip than to become ill. This is why it is helpful to know what you can do to stay healthy with these wellness hacks.

1. Get As Much Sleep As Possible!

When traveling, getting enough rest is crucial. While travelers often suffer from jet lag or disrupted routines, getting good sleep can be difficult.

So what’s the solution? Get in bed by midnight, wake up at 8 AM. A solid 8 hours of sleep keeps the doctor away, far more than a mere apple ever will. Don’t underestimate how a good night’s rest will help you enjoy your vacation or make the most of your business trip. . 

2. Hydration Nation. 

Airplanes are dehydrating that can really impact your health. The low-humidity when flying high up in the sky drains important hydration from your body. Therefore, it’s imperative to your skin, your health, your energy and your ~glow~ that you drink fluids throughout the flight. Not alcohol or coffee, but water. By keeping your body hydrated, it can help protect you from feeling the impact of travel on airplanes can have on your body.  

3. Keep moving.  

When on vacation, it’s tempting to simply lay by the pool the entire time! If you want to stay healthy you must move! Go on long walks. Swim laps in the hotel pool. Do some crunches before bed. Pack a jump-rope and hop around! Stay physically active allows your body to strengthen both on the outside and the inside. .

4. Don’t eat airline food garbage!

Do you know what’s really, really, really bad for you? Airline food. Those saran-wrap packed, sodium-laden meals that are plopped in front of you, are not organic, GMO-free, or nutritious for that matter. And when you’re traveling, you need to be extra healthy, so as to not get sick on your glorious holiday. (Getting sick on holiday, is the worst). Try packing apples and bananas (so hydrating and teeming with potassium!) into your carry-on and snacking on them throughout the flight. You’ll feel much healthy when you land. 

5. Limit alcohol intake.  

Alcohol has many potential ways to put a damper on any trip. A head-pounding hangovers or dehydrating aspect of alcohol intake. So when away from home, go slow. Stay away from sugary mixed drinks, and stick to clean alcohol like organic agave tequila with natural soda water! But no matter your preferred drinks – take it easy.  

6. Load up on Vitamins. 

We all know vitamins keep us healthy and we all know the stress and dehydration of planes can make us very unhealthy, so that means we need extra vitamins when traveling, to stave off illness and fatigue! A good multi-vitamin, with an added probiotic (keep that tummy happy!), some turmeric (to combat plane bloat), and some additional vitamin C and D will keep you feeling well – no matter what hectic travel events may occur.  

7. Compression socks make a difference.  

A new travel hack? Compression socks. When used during a flight, they can help prevent you from arriving in a new destination with painful, swollen calves and ankles, they help keep circulation going and they can also prevent soreness and blood clots.

With these hacks, you can stay healthier wherever your journeys take you.

SICKDAY PERK: If you’re feeling sick while traveling give us a call and book a medical house call or telemedicine session. At Sickday, we are specially trained to get you back out there.

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