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Don’t Let Illness Ruin Your NYC Trip: Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is an exhilarating experience that opens up new horizons and creates cherished memories. However, it can also be a breeding ground for germs and illnesses, especially when traveling to bustling cities like New York. To make the most out of your trip and stay healthy, here are some tips to consider.

1. Get Vaccinated

Before embarking on your trip, it’s essential to make sure that you’re up to date on your vaccinations. New York City has a high population density, which makes it more susceptible to outbreaks of diseases like the flu or measles. Speak with a medical professional about getting the appropriate vaccinations for your trip and take all necessary precautions to protect yourself from illnesses.

2. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. When traveling to New York City, you’ll encounter many public spaces, including transportation and tourist attractions. Always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently. Also, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water whenever possible.

3. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can cause a range of health problems, including headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. When traveling to New York City, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can also carry a reusable water bottle and refill it at the numerous water fountains across the city. Staying hydrated is an important aspect of maintaining good health, especially in a bustling city like New York.

4. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet while traveling can be a challenge, but it’s essential for maintaining good health. New York City is famous for its diverse food scene, but it’s important to choose healthy options. Look for restaurants that offer fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Also, try to avoid fast food and processed foods that are high in calories and unhealthy.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Traveling can disrupt your sleep schedule, which can have a negative impact on your health. Make sure to get enough sleep during your trip to New York City. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try using earplugs or a sleep mask to block out noise and light. Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, which can interfere with your sleep.

6. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can help boost your immune system and reduce stress. New York City has many opportunities for physical activity, including walking tours, bike rentals, and yoga classes. Take advantage of these options to stay active during your trip. Also, consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking instead of taking a taxi or public transportation.

7. Avoid Crowded Spaces

Crowded spaces like public transportation and tourist attractions can increase your risk of getting sick. Try to avoid these areas during peak hours, if possible. If you must travel during busy times, wear a face mask to reduce your risk of contracting an illness. Also, carry a hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently to keep your hands clean.

8. Pack a First-Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to pack a small first-aid kit when traveling. Include items like band-aids, pain relievers, and allergy medication. This can come in handy if you or a travel companion gets sick or injured during your trip. Also, consider carrying a mini hand sanitizer, tissues, and wet wipes for added protection.


By following these tips, you can stay healthy and enjoy your trip to New York City. Remember to take care of yourself and prioritize your health while traveling. With a little planning and preparation, you can make the most of your trip and come back home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. If you do happen to fall ill during your trip to New York City, Sickday is here to help. We offer on-demand medical care delivered right to your hotel room or Airbnb. Our licensed healthcare providers can diagnose and treat a range of illnesses and injuries, from the common cold to minor injuries. Download the Sickday app before your trip and have peace of mind knowing that you have access to quality medical care on the go.

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