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Traveling to NYC and Need Medical Attention? Here’s What to Do

Visiting New York City is an exciting experience, but it can be daunting if you need medical attention. If you’re feeling under the weather during your trip, you might not know where to turn. Do you schedule a house call or head to the hospital? This guide will help you navigate the healthcare system in the Big Apple.

When to Schedule a Medical House Call

If you’re feeling too ill to leave your hotel room or have mobility issues, scheduling a medical house call might be the best option for you. Many healthcare providers in NYC offer this service, including Sickday, and it allows you to receive medical attention in the comfort of your own space.

Medical house calls are great for non-emergency situations, such as a fever, cold, or flu. They can also be useful for minor injuries like sprains or cuts that require medical attention but aren’t severe enough for a trip to the emergency room. To schedule a medical house call, you’ll need to find a healthcare provider that offers the service and book an appointment.

When to Go to the Hospital

If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, such as chest pain or difficulty breathing, call 911 immediately. Additional signs that indicate the need to go to the hospital include loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, sudden and severe headache, or seizure.

Tips for Navigating the Healthcare System in NYC

Navigating the healthcare system in a new city can be overwhelming, but there are a few tips that can make the process smoother. Here are some things to keep in mind when seeking medical attention in NYC:

  • Research healthcare providers before your trip, so you know who to turn to if you need medical attention.
  • Check your insurance coverage to make sure you’re covered for medical care in NYC.
  • Keep a list of your medical conditions, medications, and allergies on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Know your rights as a patient, including your right to receive medical attention regardless of your ability to pay.

By following these tips and knowing when to schedule a medical house call or visit a hospital, you can ensure that you receive the medical attention you need during your NYC trip.


Traveling to NYC can be a thrilling experience, but it’s important to be prepared for unexpected medical issues. Knowing when to schedule a medical house call or visit a hospital can make all the difference in receiving effective medical attention. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can navigate the healthcare system in NYC with confidence.

Sickday’s medical house call service is a great option for travelers in need of non-emergency medical attention. By scheduling a house call, you can receive medical attention in the comfort of your own space, without the need to leave your hotel room. Sickday’s healthcare providers are knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring that you receive the care you need. In addition, Sickday’s services are covered by many insurance providers, making it a convenient and affordable option for all.

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